Material Girl

Living in a material world

And I am a material girl

You know that we are living in a material world

And I am a material girl

– Madonna


I wrote a list of 30 things I was thankful for during 2012. Everyone was doing it that year. You know, the really annoying “thankful-for-a-day” bit all over Facebook. So, I decided to add my thirty cents too – just without the stupid daily part.

Anywho, for 2014, I figured I would do another list. However, it’s really just turned into a lame post about the same ol’ shit. Woo – family, and friends, and jobs. Woo – me and everyone I know is practically healthy, happy, and safe all the time. Woo – I have a roof over my head. Woo – for Google.

So, this year, I’m not numbering shit. I’m writing down whatever the hell I want. I’m erasing all of the cliché crap that took me an hour or so to type out and writing down what actually comes to mind.

Oh, and f*&k paragraphs and grammar too.

Whether you choose to keep reading or not… whatevs.

Look, I’m thankful for a lot of shit. I really like shoes, and clothes, and purses. I am thankful for the tiny baby Jesus, and faith, and hope, and forgiveness. I am thankful for nights spent in my own bed with my arms tightly wrapped around my Pooh bear. I dig sheets that stay cold and a pillow you don’t have to flip over in the middle of the night. I am thankful for freedom and everything this country stands for… even though we do act like a bunch of idiots and take it for granted almost always. I am thankful for words, and wisdom, and writing, and reading. I am thankful for night rides along the interstate, taillights, and tall buildings. I am thankful for spring green leaves on trees and fields of bright red poppies. I’m into electronics, Disney movies, and all kindsa music being available to me at all times. I love puppy bellies and the scrunchie little necks of newborn babies. I am thankful for spray tans, bushes full of roses, and decks for sunset toastin’. I am thankful for bad ass bloggers, like Janelle and Shay, who actually make me laugh on the reg. I am thankful for fashion bloggers, like Megan and Cara, too… because sometimes we all need a good kick in the balls. I am thankful for shimmer, sparkles, and all things that dazzle. I am thankful I have a really cute dog because ugly dogs are probably harder to love. I really like when people do my hair for me, and cake on the makeup, and add eyelashes without even asking. I am thankful for real homemade pralines and nearly empty beaches. I love when candles smell-up my entire house. What I love even more though… is the smell of blowing those candles out. I am thankful for lamp light, natural light, candle light, chandelier light – actually, anything but f*&king florescent overhead light. I am thankful for expensive things on sale. I am thankful for noodles, and tomato sauce, and bread, and sweets, and Mexican (… even though our favorite Mexican joint shut down a few months ago [despite the fact we stuck with them throughout that whole “recycled food scare”]). I am thankful for Prilosec and Tums. I am thankful for the smell of my night shirts, and my Momma’s night shirts, and her Momma’s night shirts. I am thankful for the $42.oo makeup that dumb whore in Ulta made me buy two weeks ago, and my favorite “Certainly Red” Revlon lipstick, and ChapStick. Damn, I love f*&king ChapStick. I am thankful for places that actually wash your car and your dog for you. I am thankful for credit cards. I am thankful for Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, Etsy, Bloglovin, E!, and MSN for occupying my time when writing and working just gets too tough. I am thankful for alcohol, and leggings, and nearly everything that makes women unattractive to men. Why? Because if a man hates something, that means it’s gotta be either: comfortable, fattening, or cute… and I’m into that kinda shit. I absolutely love non-smoking bars and restaurants. I am thankful for the window seat on airplanes. I am thankful for bathrooms that don’t smell like ass and drains that don’t clog. I am thankful for DVR. Ain’t watched a commercial in months – what, what. I am thankful I actually like most of my family. I am thankful for naps and the days Mr. Big has to drive us to work. I am thankful for blue water oceans and clear water caves. I thank God every day for photography. I am thankful for gravy. Mostly any kinda gravy but I really dig biscuits ‘n sausage gravy (Mickey D’s knows what’s up). I love Kim Kardashian. And I’m thankful when people are all, “Ohmigah! Meeee too!” I am thankful for those Buzzfeed posts about autocorrects gone wrong (… or, let’s get real, oh-so-right). I am thankful to have three very distinct extra families (some people call them “friends”). I am thankful for cinnamon, sugar, and icing. I am thankful for vacations… lots and lots of vacations. ‘Cause family, friends, and seeing the world – that’s what life is all about, right? I die for the smell of “new,” and bookstores, and the coffee isle at the grocery store. I am thankful for my home, having my own space, my couch, my pictures, my flowers, my candy bowl, my full bar, my ultra-girly vanity, my super-chic leather desk chair, and my homemade pillows and curtains. I am thankful I was born in the south and that I say “y’all.” I am thankful for the days Big and I get along, when we don’t bicker so much, when he puts me first, and I am reminded why the hell I’ve stayed for so long. I am thankful for clever shit. I am thankful to have put my toes in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. I am thankful when people tell me I smell nice… even though I am convinced I always smell like hound dog and foot. I am thankful for throwback graphic tees. I really like the f word. I am thankful for Spanx. I am thankful to be around so many marriages that have lasted a lifetime (Happy 24th Anniversary to Momma and Dad!). I am thankful for thunderstorms, and warm rain drops, and grey days. I am thankful for those who actually try to get to know me. I am glad to have discovered a new love for live music. I am thankful to have seen the earth from the side of the Hoover Dam, the edge of the Grand Canyon, the tip-top of the Empire State Building, the cord of a zip line off the side of a mountain, and the bow of a ship. I am thankful to have ridden an elephant, danced with a dolphin, and fed a baby tiger. I am thankful for Miss Clariss. She has allowed me to do what I love. I am thankful for the Ballas – my ruthless supporters. You are more fiercely devoted than I ever could have imagined. Without you all I would just be some crazy lady shoutin’ shit from the roof tops.

I am thankful.

I am thankful for all things good, bad, ugly, and indifferent. For without each and every inch of our life, our soul, our trials, tribulations, our successes, and accomplishments… we wouldn’t be who we are today.

May each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.



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