Kiss for a Cause

What kind of Kisses?

LipSense kisses!

LipSense is a smudge-proof, Momma-friendly, significant other-approved, kissable, durable, hydrating, long-lasting lip color that stays put for up to 18 hours! It comes in 36 beautiful colors and 11 different finishing glosses. LipSense really does the job and I cannot wait to share this product with each of you!


My LipSense Testimony

I love make-up!

I love buying all the make-up. I love the pretty lights when you walk over to the cosmetic department of any store. I love the smell of blush, and bronzer, and a new set of brushes. I love a good scent – nothing floral or too light. I love all the colors, the options, the daytime looks, and the dramatic nighttime transformations. I love fake lashes for any occasion. I love neutrals but damn do I love a bold lip, honey!

What I don’t love?

Applying it all.

Look, y’all, sometimes I cry when I blow-dry my hair. Other times, I sit and stare at myself for an hour in the mirror. I sit there and pray that the make-up will just jump onto my face. Does anyone else out there do these sorts of things? Anyone?


Dressing myself has always been the worst part of any day (#teamnopants)! I hate putting on make-up and I absolutely despise taming this mane. But then, on the days I actually do put forth the effort, all my hard work literally falls flat, or melts down my face, or smudges off! Ugh. I feel like I am constantly throwing money in the trash.

So, when my best friend, Kristen, introduced me to LipSense, my interest was peaked. Could I have found the answer to (at least one of) my problem(s)? The night Kristen brought her magic lipsticks to my house in Charleston, I put them to the test!

The first thing I wanted to inspect prior to purchase was the LipSense “smudge-proof” promise. I constantly have a drink in my hand. I am always kissing our dogs or snuggling the cat. And it seems like, as soon as I put on lipstick, Tayler inevitably comes in for a smooch. My numero uno priority was: this stuff had to stick. What better way to conduct some smooching research than to slather on the brightest, boldest color I could find (Fly Girl) and start kissing all the things? So, that’s what I did! I kissed the things, I drank the stuff, and then I even washed my face (without washing my lips, of course).

The verdict: No people, puppies, or household items were harmed during this smooch test. LipSense truly is smudge-proof!

Now, it was time for this stuff to really go through the ringer… I wore it to bed that night (#dundunduuuhhhhhh)!

Not gonna lie, the next morning, Tay woke up wondering why Crusty the Clown was laying next to him [insert crying laughing emoji here]. But that voodoo lip potion stayed on, y’all! It wasn’t all over my pillow case, or my face, or my hands. My lipstick had stayed put! LipSense passed the walk of shame test! It was the real frackin’ deal.


Sign me up.

Have all my monies.

Praise the Lord for this witchcraft, ladies! We have been saved! No more multiple applications. No more smudging. No more lip prints on babies, or grandmas, or husbands. No. more. wine. glass. scrubbing!

Want to change your beauty routine just like I changed mine? Well, get your bras ‘a ready for burnin’, girls! ‘Cause this LipSense stuff? It’s a revolution!

#moveOVERmaybelline #imaLipSenselady


How to get your LipSense?

Drop me a line via email on the Stay In Touch page or contact me on the Miss Clariss Kisses for a Cause Facebook group for more information! If you already follow my other Miss Clariss social media pages, or even just my personal sites, those will work too! Any way you would like to flag me down is fine with me.

I take that back.

Don’t throw shit.

You throw shit at me, I’ll cut ya.

Anywho, cheers!


Wait. What’s the Cause?

I am not all that into selling.

I’ve tried it in the past, and honestly, I’m just not very good at it. Also, if we’re being totally honest, the main reason why I have decided to become a LipSense distributor is so I can can get their products cheaper. Duh. The selling part sorta makes me cringe. I don’t want to come off too pushy. I don’t want to be just another one of those bitches cluttering your Facebook feed with useless crap.

However, if selling is the name of the game, then I am going to do it my way.

I am going to sell in a way I can feel good about it.

For every product purchased through me, $1.00 will be donated to one of the charities below. All you have to do is specify which charity during the order process! Of course, if you would like to split your donations, you are more than welcome!


Choose your Cause(s)

All of programs below are very important to me. Read more about why I have selected to donate to these specific foundations:

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America — My Papa’s mental health has been declining for the last several years as a result of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s bizarre. It’s bizarre watching someone you love disappear before your eyes. A man who could build an entire car from scrap metal and his bare hands, can’t even remember his wife’s name. They have been married over 50 years. So, I know this disease. I have experienced it first hand. I have lived with it. I have argued with it and fought with it. I have cried over, laughed at, and been so very frustrated with Alzheimer’s. I know what it is like to lose loved ones here on Earth before God calls them home to Heaven…


ASPCA — Rescuing babies just recently became a big part of my life. When I lived out in California, there were adoption fairs at the local pet stores every single week. I could not believe how many babies needed saving! Maybe I just never realized how many animals were without homes or how many people mistreated their pets? I think about our animals – especially the three we have adopted – and I wonder what kind of life we saved them from when we brought them into our home. All four of our boys live like kings. How could anyone not love their own bubbies as much as we do? Your pet is your responsibility. Happy pets – happy children and happy people – aren’t MADE. They are raised, cared for, looked after, taught, disciplined and loved. Happy, is hard work.  #adoptdontshop #adoptandshop #allthebabiesneedthelove


American Heart Association — Heart conditions run rampant throughout my family. From bypass surgery, strokes, defibrillators, heart failure, and plain ol’ irregular heartbeats… we have it all. To the best of my knowledge, every one of my grandparents have suffered from various cardiac illnesses. Three of my grandparents have had major surgery in an effort to repair their “broken” hearts. Facts are facts, people. And the fact is, the biological chances of me being diagnosed with some sort of heart condition is inevitable. Do I think I could do better? Live a healthier life? Absolutely. But I also believe genetics have predestined certain things, as well. What else could explain my Nana being one of six girls, and by their mid-sixties, each woman has a heart condition? Or my Papa being one of four, and by their mid-sixties, each show signs of Dementia…


March of Dimes — On October 13, 2016, my sweet nephew Luke Thomas Elder passed away.  He was 29 days old. This one’s for him. This one is for his twin brother, Owen Gregory, who fought 140 days in the NICU before finally getting to come home. This one is for the aunts and uncles I could’ve had. Or the nieces and nephews I would’ve had. And the boys and girls the world should’ve had. This one is for the Momma with the broken heart – the heart that will never fit back together. For the man who dreamed of becoming Dad. There are too many angels to count. So, this one is for you.

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