Go Rest High On That Mountain

Go rest high on that mountain

Son your work on earth is done

Go to Heaven a shoutin’

Love for the Father and the Son

– Vince Gill


The week of Thanksgiving was a rough one for those of us here in Miss Clarissland.

Bubba had to put our sweet black Lab, Sammie, down on Monday. Mr. Big’s 90-year-old grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving. And my celebrity man crush, Paul Walker, lost his life in a terrible car accident on Saturday. I guess what they say is true – everything comes in threes.

The warmth and cheerfulness that comes with Thanksgiving was quickly tarnished with tragedy and heartache. Our week turned cold and solemn. Big and I shuffled up and down the mountain between our homes and the homes of his grandmother, aunts, and uncles. I spent the holiday weekend trying to accommodate a heart-broken Momma B as best as I could. And Sonny spent four whole days rummaging through trash at his GrandNanny and GrandBob’s.

Last week, two of the strongest men I know had to face some of the most challenging times in their lives.

My Bubba took it upon himself to send his own dog up to heaven. He gently picked her up, placed her in the family Suburban, and drove her to the vet for treatment. He did what he knew what right, and then, he let her go all on his own.

  • sambodaho

My Mr. Big ushered his grandmother into the church for his grandfather’s funeral. He sat by her, and put his arm around her, and wept with her as the preacher spoke to the congregation. And then, he said goodbye to his grandpa one last time.

  • gpa

I keep saying, “Hopefully, Christmas will be better,” but I know it will be hard.

I know it will be different, and foreign, and odd – but it will be better. To compensate for our sader-than-sad Turkey Day, I have spent the last few days decorating Casa de la Clariss like a banshee. My tree is so heavy I had to tie it to the wall, I have already nearly completed every ounce of my Christmas shopping (online, of course [It’s my first year Christmas shopping online and can I just say – praise tha Lawd, this chick finally came to her senses! – it’s ah-mazing.]), I bought Sonny and I outfits for our annual Christmas card picture (… a new tradition the two of us have started… this year), and I even hung stockings up for each family member (Big, Sonny, and myself) on my makeshift mantle (the TV stand)! To tell the truth, I’ve been so Christmas-crazy this week that I actually ran through Walmart the other day in a fury-fueled frenzy because I couldn’t find Christmas tree scented wax to go in my Scentsys.

I guess now, without a shred of doubt in my mind, I can honestly say, “I have become my mother.”

But really, aside from all of the Cindy Lou Whoing I’ve been doing, that’s just how I cope during times like this. I over-compensate. I smother, and make inappropriate jokes, and nervously chatter. I think the most “normal” I felt all weekend was on Monday, after the service, when I was playing with Big’s cousin’s 23-month-old little girl. We played with toy horses, sang Old MacDonald, I asked her to say my name a few hundred times, and then she kicked me in the face. Whatevs. I would rather take a kick to the face than be stuck at a table during a funeral with a whole bunch of people who do not know me or my sense of humor. I’m just not good with these sorts of things.

Anyhow, please keep Mr. Big, Momma B, and their family in your thoughts and prayers, Ballas. It’s been a difficult week. Also, please be thinking about Bubs and our other puppy babies (Sonnyboy and Angus [Momma and Dad’s Great Pyrenees]), as I know they are missing our spunky Sammie lady.

Oh, and one last thing…

This life is sweet. It is full of adventure, and love, and beauty, and wonder. But too often we forget this is a fragile life… a temporary life… a short life. We take time for granted. We always assume tomorrow will come. But one day, it won’t. One day, time will stop for each of us. Be sure to take each second, each moment, each ounce of life God grants you and make the most of it. Tell the people you love… “I love you.” Tell the people you appreciate… “Thank you.” Tell the people you are proud of… “You did wonderful.”

Live your life so that when each clock around you stops, all that’s left to say is, “See ya soon.”

Forever love.




P.S.: Contrary to popular belief, I did not choose this song title. It wasn’t a below-the-belt effort on my part to get each and everyone of you to begin bawling your eyes out on the spot. Actually, you can blame Mr. Big’s sister for this swift little kick in the balls… thank ya very much.


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