FTF: Seeing My Friends Happy

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

– Barbra Streisand


Before I begin with this week’s edition of Favorite Things Friday, I would like to address all of the nasty comments, rib jabbing, cursing, and stank eyes I have received over the last few weeks…

Look, I’m sorry.

I apologize for being so neglectful, inconsistent, and just down right rude lately.

As most of you know, this summer has been an extremely busy one for me. I have literally spent every weekend out of town since the last weekend in May. I have been traveling all up and down the East Coast and don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. People have actually asked, “Dude, do you actually work?” Yes. Yes, I do. And for your information, I’ve only burned seven vacation days so far… thank ya very much.

Moving on.

I plan to write more about my various comings and goings… soon. I also plan to get back on track with my posts… both regular and FTF material. I promise. However, I would like to take a moment and thank you all for baring with me as I state-hop. Thank you for checking in to see if I’m alive, for keeping me in check, and for letting me know you still want more!

It’s nice to feel wanted.

Which leads me into the actual point of today’s post…

All of my closest friends are officially married or engaged.

  • Ashleigh: Is married, has a 2-year-old, and one on the way!
  • Charlie: Gets married October, 4, 2014!
  • Heat: Got married in April!
  • Joan: Celebrated her third anniversary on Mr. Big’s birthday (June 18)!
  • Kaley: Just set a date for May 2, 2015! (Oh, yes! That’s one thing I’ve neglected to tell you… Colby and Fenway [their dog] popped the question back in June at a waterfall!)
  • Kristen: Walks down the isle on November 8, 2014!
  • Tay: Says, “I do,” on Sonny’s seventh birthday (April 18, 2015)!


You’re lookin’ at what’s left of the single girls.

A wolf pack of one.


On the other hand, I get to live vicariously through them… you know, without the messiness of budgeting, paying vendors, labor, and actually having to live with my significant other.

  • Ashleigh: Lets me love on Max Man and ask her a million off-the-wall questions about pregnancy.
  • Charlie: Asked me to be a bridesmaid and basically let me pick out the dresses us girls are wearing in the wedding.
  • Heat: Realized the night before the wedding they would need a wedding director for the day of… I got to be the “Go” lady! Her sisters also let me help with the bachelorette party (my specialty, of course).
  • Joan: Took my bridesmaid and bachelorette party planning virginity.
  • Kaley: Called Wednesday and asked if I would be her Maid of Honor!
  • Kristen: Wants me to be one of her only two bridesmaids (her sisters are Maid and Matron of Honor… so they don’t really count)!
  • Tay: Also chose ‘lil ol’ me to be MOH!

I couldn’t be more excited for each of them. So much has been going on lately and I just wanted them all to know how happy I am that they are happy.

  • Ashleigh: Only has a couple more weeks left until sweet little Mya makes her big entrance into the Mull household. Joan also threw Ashleigh a beautiful baby shower last weekend. Unfortunately, I could not be there to celebrate because I had to be in Charleston with the fam (we’ll get into that another time) but I was jumping for joy with them in spirit!
  • Charlie: Gets gifts this weekend! It’s bridal shower time for the Byerleys! And in just three short weeks we’ll be in AsheVegas for her bachelorette bash! Woohoo for a Brews Cruise!
  • Heat: Is winding down from the wedding. The Inmans are settling into their new home and married life well. The rest of us… are just waiting for the baby announcement.
  • Joan: After teaching fourth grade for four years, decided it was time to throw in the towel and go follow her dreams. She starts back school in a few weeks. In the meantime, she started a new website with a couple of other close friends – The Common Table. It’s very different from Miss Clariss but very much a reflection of Joan. You will love it!
  • Kaley: Has booked a venue for the wedding, picked her bridal party, and decided on colors! We hope to go dress shopping in the next few weeks! In the meantime, she is house-hunting and prepping for her new job as a high school special education teacher… quite the change from her elementary school kids!
  • Kristen: Catches the red-eye home tonight from SanD for her first dress fitting in Asheville. I hate I can’t be by her side as she steps in her dress for the first time but it will only make things more exciting come November.
  • Tay: Bought her wedding dress last weekend! I am so happy I got the opportunity to be with her as she tried on her first gown, eliminated a bunch of duds, and eventually found “the one.” She will look absolutely stunning on her wedding day.
  • 10355853_10152952646186110_2383351739501327924_n
  • IMG_3072
  • 1601392_10152087233235945_5062857273466511919_n

As I look over all of the bullet points above… my heart bursts. This is such a special time. Families are forming, lives are changing, and memories are being made. My friendships are becoming so much more than just dinners, drinks, and laughter. And it fills my soul to know I get to be there every step of the way.

Here’s to the rings on your fingers, the tiny ones to come, the new jobs, the big moves, the dresses, and the shoes! Congratulations to you all! I love you!




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