FTF: My Best Friend’s Fiancé

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

– Barbra Streisand


You see, the super fun thing about Favorite Things Friday… is it can literally be about anything.

Also, it’s my blog… so I can write about whatever the heck I want. 

Anywho, todaaaaaay, I choooooooose… my best friend’s fiancé.

You might be thinking, “Ugh, Kristen and Dan. Didn’t we just read a week’s worth of crap about them?” Yes, you did. However, it’s not Dan I am thrusting my mini spotlight on today. “Well, what other best friend has a fiancé, Miss Clariss?” Oh, huh, funny you should ask, tiny Balla. ‘Cause I musta forgot to mention…


My sweet little bundle of Hawaiian joy is engaged! Ahh, I cannot believe it! I cannot believe my partner in crime, the yin to my yang, my right-hand man is engaged!

But today isn’t about her. Today is about Bradley…

I’ve known Bradley for about as long as I’ve known Tay. We all went to the same elementary school, we rode the same bus, and we all hung out together in high school. Bradley was a year older than Tay, Kristen, and I. He was an ass when we were little – a typical boy’s boy – mean and rambunctious. But somewhere along the way he softened up, and the next thing we knew, he and Tay were a couple.

It happened the fall the three of us girls started college.

That was nearly eight years ago.

Having the two of them together was normal to us, and ironically, they fit together perfectly. Tay is a social butterfly. She is chatty, and silly, and cute, and sweet, and perky. Bradley is blunt, and likes to keep to himself, and doesn’t put up with a whole lot of bullshit. He’s kinda like the man version of me and maybe that’s why they get along so well. Anyhow, as we got older and marriage became more of a topic of conversation, it seemed natural that the two of them would eventually tie the knot.

But how it all went down… let’s just say, Bradley’s the guy to beat.


Tay called on my way home from work last week. We talked for a bit before she mentioned she was heading to Boston for the weekend. “Yeah, me and Maddie are going up to visit Kristen (a different Kristen… [obvi]).” “Well that should be fun. Y’all be safe and let me know when you get back,” I said as we got off the phone.

That was on Wednesday.

On Saturday night, I was laying on the couch, watching Real Housewives of ATL in a pair of Big’s old underwear, and drinking beer by myself when my phone rang. It was midnight. Why was Tay calling me at midnight? “She’s drunk. At a bar.” I thought, naturally. ‘Cause that’s what we do, you see. We go out of town, go out to bars, get wasted, and call each other. For no reason.

That’s just what we do.

At first I was like, “Ehh. Don’t really feel like talking. She’s off having fun and I’m sitting at home in someone else’s panties doing jack shit.” But I picked up anyways.

MC: “Hellllllllo.”

T: “Miss Clariiiiiiiiiiss?” (She does this a lot… as if some rando, with my voice, is answering my phone.)

MC: “Taaaaaaaay?” (I play along.)

T: “I have something to tell you.”

MC: “Okay, what’s up?”

T: “I’m engaged!” 

MC: “But you’re in Boston.”  (Sorry to be such a buzz-kill but it was the truth. The logistics weren’t making sense yet.)

T: “I know! Bradley is here!” 

MC: “Wait. What?” 

According to legend, Bradley had called Kristen a few weeks ago and concocted up a plan for him to fly to Boston and propose. Kristen had suggested he pop the question at a park near her home in the city. He agreed, bought his ticket, and tried to prepare himself for the trip of a lifetime.

However, the weather in Boston last Saturday was anything but beautiful. It was raining, and cold, and dreary out. Bradley texted Kristen asking what she had as an alternate plan. She advised him there was a gazebo in the park. Later, Bradley told Tay, “I was in a city I’d never been to before, walking around this random park, looking for a gazebo. When I found it, there were like six or seven homeless guys hanging out inside. So I walked up and said, ‘Look guys, I’m trying to propose to my girlfriend today and I’ve got to use this gazebo. I’ll give y’all some money – split it among yourselves – do whatever you want with it. But y’all gotta go.'”

He said the homeless people congratulated him, took his cash, and left.

Later, Maddie and Kristen lured Tay to the gazebo. Tay said she had a hard time placing her own boyfriend. “Bradley?” she asked, looking up at him confused, “What are you doing here?” Bradley asked her to accompany him on the gazebo. He told her he loved her, dropped to one knee, and then he proposed!

  • willyou
  • yes
  • woohoo

Wasn’t that just the sweetest? That story is just so cute, and sweet, and romantic. The man literally hopped a plane (for only the second time in his life, mind you), wandered around an unfamiliar city, paid off a slew of homeless dudes, and got his girl. How much more Rom-Com could you get, people?

I cried.


I’m so happy both of my bestests are getting their happily ever after! I love both of those boys and could not have picked better mates for them if I tried. I am so excited to see Tay and Kristen start the next chapters in their lives as married ladies. And I’m also super excited about all of the parties, trips, booze, and cake!




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