FTF: A Good Pawty

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

– Barbra Streisand


A couple of months ago, Momma told me about a work friend and his new puppy. We talked for a while about this friend, his partner, their new puppy, and the family’s most recent adventures at a local Doggy Daycare. Our chat kept me chuckling for a few days; however, one specific tidbit of the conversation really tickled my fancy…


A “pawty” is a party for dogs. For instance, one could have a pawty to celebrate their furry friend’s birthday. Or perhaps you are more of a Halloween pawty person. Seriously, who doesn’t love a hound in a Halloween costume? Or what about a Christmas pawty? How funny would an all-dog live nativity scene be? Anyhow, you get the picture, the possibilities are pretty much endless and I’d imagine they are fairly simple to plan. All one needs to throw a pawty is:

  • Dogs (any dogs will do really)
  • Cake (Fido-friendly, of course)
  • Bunches of water bowls
  • Some leashes (remember, nobody likes a pawty foul)
  • Tennis balls galore
  • Doggy bags (for pawty favors and treats)
  • And a camera (’cause this shit’s gonna be precious)

Word on the street is, pawties… all the rave nowadays.

And honestly, I can get behind that.

I can get behind it so much so, I’ll even throw one myself.

Today, actually.

Today, I am throwing a pawty.

A pawty for my little nugget-butt-of-love-puppy, Sonny, for his sixth birthday.

I texted most of our friends, “Sonny’s sixth birthday pawty is tonight. Gifts are appreciated. Howevs, I understand that he can be a little tricky to buy for… so money will do just fine.” They all thought my invite was cute and funny. Little do they know how serious I really am.

Hahaha, yeah, laugh it up now fools… but the joke’s on you tonight when I thieve all of your leftovers and take them home to my spunky 6-years-young houndy-hound.

Annnnywho, in the meantime, Sonny and I plan to eat cake-pops and snuggle.


Ugh, could he get any cuter? Me thinks not.




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