I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive

I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise

To fly, to fly 

– Nicki Minaj and Rihanna


Greetings! Today, I write to you poolside, workin’ on my tan lines, and soaking up the first few days of Summer 2012.

It is everyone’s favorite time of year: lazy lake days, pool parties, summer vacations, cute little outfits, and even cuter shoes.

I do not know about you all but summer is a busy time for me. Every weekend is packed to the hilt with gatherings, get-togethers, and fun-filled activities. However, this year is a liiiiiittle different.

I am caught smack-dab in the middle of some sorta something I truly never saw coming: Baby Season.

Oh y’all know exactly what I am talking about. If it’s not announcements or showers it’s C-sections, Pitocin, mucus plugs, and epidurals.

Welcome. Welcome to your mid-twenties girls and boys.


It ain’t cute.

So, let’s just go ahead and dive right in…

Three weeks from this Wednesday I received a text from my best friend Joan (you have not met her yet… do not worry, she’s nice). Her sister-in-law (and a very good friend of ours) was in labor – two weeks early.


Just seven days ago we were all eating Mexican and Momma Mull was pulling my arm over to feel baby Max do flips in her belly. How could he be coming out now?! I was not ready for him to be a real person yet; I was still adjusting to our foursome becoming a fivesome.

Within two hours of receiving that text he was here.

I was stunned.

A side note:

The “miracle” of birth has always been traumatic for me.

Pregnant ladies please take no offense – but cha freak me out.

Here you poor women are toting around tens of extra pounds for months at a time as you grow a tiny little person inside your belly – for free.

You get a mere nine months to prep your entire life for the biggest change it will ever undergo and then, those free-loading bastards do not even have the decency – the common courtesy  to come out on time?

I call bull shit.

I mean how do you plan for something like that?

Moving on.

Naturally, like any other human being with a brain in their skull, I had lots of questions for Momma Mull. Lucky for me, she was just the type of friend to tell you the cold hard facts about birthing… and not-so-lucky for her, she was my first friend to have a child.

Let the interrogating begin!

Without getting too much into the logistics of it all… my predictions were basically spot on. Max-Man’s birth story sounded like something out of 300.

But why? It is the 21st century for Christ’s sake! Surely we could come up with a better way to bring a person into the world… one slightly less gory than the little scenario that played out in my mind as Momma and Daddy Mull caught me up to speed.

My poor friend.

My poor little buddy Max. No wonder he was passed out in the arms of a stranger – for hours he had been burrowing his way out of his Momma’s who-ha.

But they are right.

As soon as that little nugget was placed in my arms I forgot all about the blood and guts – he was perfect.

We talked about important things, Max and I.

We talked about how little his fingers were, girls, how cute I thought he was, all the cool things his Aunties were going to teach him as he grew up, and I even invited him to be the only man at Girls Night. I laughed as he fought sleep and took pictures of his precious little scrunched nose as he yawned. He was the sweetest little man I knew.

And although I still had a conception-complex, all was right with the world… until a week ago this Wednesday.


For those of you who are my Facebook friends you may have seen this status Wednesday night:

Dear Baby Jesus –

Thank you for bringing baby Rae safely into our world so early. Please continue to be with Momma Putnam and Raegan during this time. Look over them and stay close to them.

May they feel fabulous fast and may Auntie Kristen get to them soon and safely. Send them both my love and please make sure she stays exactly how she is until I can see her this weekend.

In the meantime, if I get one more “we’re having a baby” text or phone call at 3:30 ish on a Wednesday afternoon, while I’m at work, weeks before I’m supposed to… Auntie MC is going to start hog-tying some legs shut. Capisce?

All my love,



My very best friend, Kristen, is now pulling double duty as Auntie and God-Momma to precious baby Raegan.

Here’s the problem: Rae was a tad bit eager to make her world debut.

SIX WEEKS eager.

Now, two weeks I can come around to… but SIX?!

I mean seriously, what the hell is going on here?

More importantly though, how can we (the big people) be letting someone tiny enough to fit in my pocket run the show? She still had six weeks left of cooking as far as I was concerned. So, what the hell were these doctors thinking giving her a Get Out of Jail Free card this early?

Kids today, no respect for time commitments, plans, or rules.

One emergency C-section later and she was here.

I was flipping out.

But they are right.

As soon as laid eyes on that little nugget I forgot all about the bad timing and the urgency of her birth – she was perfect.

We talked about important things, Rae and I.

We talked about how little her fingers were, her cute taggy blanket, how beautiful I thought she was, all the cool things her Aunties were going to teach her as she grew up, and I even asked her to be in my wedding (if I so choose to get married… she agreed). I laughed as she fought sleep and took pictures of her precious little scrunched nose as she cried when we uncovered her for Kangaroo Care. She was the sweetest little girl I knew.

And although I still had a conception-complex, all was right with the world…


As you get older everything gets jumbled together but when people start having kids all of life is put back into perspective.

Right before you lies a perfectly clean slate – the truest meaning of a new beginning.

Naturally, you are compelled to open the flood gates – tell them about every lesson you have ever learned. You want to coddle them from the world, shield them from every pain, and guide them through every inch of life.

But just as quickly as your heart was flooded with those thoughts, they are washed away and new ones gush in.

You want them to live; to experience every bit of life they can. You want them to grow and learn. You want them to be.

So, this is my piece –

Dear My Sweetest Nuggets: Mini Max-Man and Baby Rae-Lady

You both are tied for The Cutest Kid I Know – don’t worry, Sonny won’t mind sharing the crown.

I know what you both must be thinking, “This is what’s up! People loving and fussing all over me, lunch is always ready, and I don’t even have to wipe my own mouth…or butt for that matter. They carry me around everywhere, I sleep all the time, and they buy me everything I want. I’m just chillin’ like a villain… livin’ the life.”

Well some day, not so far away, your Mommas will blink and you will be five…and ten… and twenty.

You will learn to walk, start school, make your own lunch, and even begin to drive. You will find yourself getting married, buying a home, and having your own little nuggets. Life will get going so fast your head will spin.

So, let Auntie MC tell you a secret or two… because by the time you are able to read this you won’t be listening to your Mommas anyway.

  1. Life can be absolutely anything you want it to be.
  2. Have faith in yourself.
  3. Believe in things that make you happy.
  4. Love those who let you be exactly who you are.
  5. Dream bigger than you think possible because your largest obstacle will be self-doubt.
  6. You can have, do, and be anything you want as long as you are willing to work for it.
  7. Don’t be an asshole. No one likes an asshole… (what? It’s the truth. Hey, if I don’t tell them who will?)
  8. Nothing good comes easy and nothing bad lasts for long.
  9. Friends come and go, love may not last, but family is forever.
  10. And most importantly, “Nobody notices a patch of grass, they see the tree…”

Now, go. Be the fabulous babies I know you will be.


3 thoughts on “Fly

  1. I’ll have you know I was born a MONTH early….but I was also tiny, and healthy, with a swift delivery in the late afternoon, with no painful epidural required…so I was kind to my mama in coming early 😉

  2. I am so lucky to have such an amazing best friend. Thank you for putting all the sweet words and messages we all want to say to these two precious babies in writing as most of us are not that good at expressing. I love you forever.

  3. i…want…to…cry. A happy cry. A blessed cry. Blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life to be such wonderful aunties to my lil man 🙂

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