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Hi there!

After a few requests, a couple of “You should really write a book”-s, and some not-so-subtle nudging from Momma, Miss Clariss: Sealed with a Kiss was unleashed to the world on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Since its launch, this little blog has been one of the greatest loves of my life (second only to my Sonny-dog).

So, what is my purpose, you ask?

Well, every week I sit down and write what I would consider to be, love letters, to the best fans in the world – you – my little army of Bleu Ballas. My unfiltered and not-yet-rated pieces are published in hopes that smiles, laughs, fist pumps, and “Hell yes!”-s can be seen and heard around the world. I hold nothing back when attempting to entertain you all (… at my own expense) and could not be more straightforward if I tried.

What you can expect :

Expect the unexpected! Life happens, people. And what does one do when it does? Drink vodka! Lots of vodka. Around here, we tell the whole story. No detail is left un-typed, no piece of information is too shameful to speak of, and no part is left to the imagination. Sure, I have my serious moments, some bad days, and an even worse temper but I try to take everything with a grain of salt and a splash of sarcasm.

Who I am and what I am made of :

My Momma-given name is Chelsea Clariss. I was born on a hot June morning in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I am the ultimate girl’s girl and princess from head-to-toe. My type-A personality gets me into trouble sometimes, but at least I get it honest. You may be surprised to know that:

I am the Sweetheart of Snarky, your Queen of Quick Wit. You think it, I say it. Honesty is my policy, boys and girls. So buckle up, and brace yourself for some ball-busting truth!




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